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Child Custody Attorney – Creating a Parenting Plan

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Hiring the number one Child Custody Attorney in Florida

Whether you are looking for a child custody attorney or need to make a modification to an existing order, hiring the number one in Florida can be an excellent choice. Gary D. Weiner is a Florida attorney who has extensive experience in family law and has been a divorce lawyer for over 36 years. He is able to give you powerful legal representation while maintaining a compassionate, understanding approach. His professionalism and reputation have been recognized by his peers, and he is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, which means he has the highest level of professional excellence.

A West Palm Beach , Florida child custody attorney can assist you in creating a parenting plan that will best meet your family’s needs and wishes. Florida law has been updated in recent years to make shared parental responsibility easier for parents. This allows both parents to have a say in the decision-making process, and is the most common form of child custody. A Florida custody attorney will be able to help you develop an effective parenting plan that meets your goals while minimizing stress for both parents.

In Florida, the courts decide custody based on what is in the best interest of the child. Sole custody means that one parent has the physical custody of the child. Joint custody means that both parents have some say in the child’s life, and many cases grant one parent sole custody while giving the other parent visitation rights. However, when the parents are not married, the court will still have to determine a parenting plan, and that means both parents should have equal time with the child.

The benefits of hiring a Florida child custody attorney are numerous. In addition to guiding you through the court system, a child custody attorney can advocate for you and work with the other party on behalf of their interests. Remember that the child’s interests are ultimately what the court will consider in a custody case, and you want to ensure that you follow all the necessary procedures to make sure that you give the best possible outcome to the child.

When it comes to child custody, a Florida family law attorney has extensive experience. They know how to navigate the system and can help you maintain a meaningful relationship with your child. In many cases, hiring a child custody attorney is the best option. An Orlando family law attorney can guide you through the process and help you get the custody you deserve. He or she can also represent you against your former partner.

The number one child custody attorney in Florida is an invaluable resource during a divorce. Not only does a Tampa child custody attorney have extensive experience with these cases, but he or she can also assist you in preparing and negotiating Parenting Plans. Whether you are seeking temporary custody, full custody, or sole custody, a child custody attorney can help you get the custody arrangement you want.

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